Crossfire Range Rules & Regs 2018-01-28T12:57:15-06:00



Basic Firearm Safety is to be observed at all times:
A.) ALWAYS treat all firearms as if they are loaded
B.) NEVER point a firearm at anything other than a target supplied or approved by Crossfire
C.) ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.
D.) Always know what is behind your target.


  1. Shooters ages 8-18 years of age (minors) are ONLY allowed on the range with their parent or legal guardian who will sign a waiver and stay with them at all time
  2. Federal law states you must be 21 to purchase, sell, rent or loan a handgun or ammunition. If you are between the ages of 18-21, you must furnish your own handgun and  ammunition.


  1. All firearms that are not holstered should be cased in an unloaded condition while going to or from the range.
  2. Only authorized firearms and ammunition may be used.
  3. All firearms and ammunition are subject to inspection by the Range Safety Officers.
  4. Targets may be brought into the range ONLY if approved by a Range Safety Officer.
  5. Let the Range Counter Attendant know if you’ve never fired a gun before. We want to ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe visit and are honored you have chosen our facility.
  6. Eye and ear protection are mandatory BEFORE entering the range. If you don’t have your own, both are available in our retail store.


  1. Shooters are to obey the instructions of the Range Safety Officer at all times.
  2. Eye and ear protection is MANDATORY at all times unless a Range Safety Officer has designated the range “cold” and has given verbal instruction on the contrary.
  3. Prior to entering the range, advise personnel of any medical condition which could create a safety issue for you or others.
  4. No firearm handling will be allowed outside the shooting stalls unless specifically instructed to do so by Crossfire staff.
  5. If the “Cease Fire” command is given, all firearms are to be placed on the stall bench or floor if a bench is not available and pointed down range. Shooters are then to make empty hands visible and back away from the firing line. Do not look around to see what the problem is, assume you are the problem.
  6. Only one shooter in the shooting stall at a time, all other participants must be behind the safety line unless approved by Range Safety Officer or assisting a minor.
  7. All guns that are “benched” will be unloaded, action open, and magazine removed.
  8. Do not load the firearm until ready to fire or given command to do so.
  9. Shooters will handle only one firearm at a time.
  10. Under no circumstances may a firearm be passed to another person
  11. Shooters should fire at their target only and only as rapidly as their ability permits. Uncontrolled shooting resulting in damage to equipment is strictly prohibited. Violators will have range privileges revoked and will be held liable for damages.
  12. Cross lane shooting is not permitted.
  13. Drawing from holsters is NOT ALLOWED without prior Crossfire instructional course and evaluation (Dynamic Range Only).
  14. Under no circumstances may any implement or appendage cross forward of the firing line unless instructed to do so by Range Safety Officer.
  15. No food, drink, gum, tobacco or e-cigarettes are permitted inside the range.
  16. Range Safety Officer decisions or determinations are final and all commands are to be followed. Complaints and disagreements can be handled with management outside of the shooting range area.
  17. All federal, state, and local firearm laws MUST be obeyed.
  18. Once you are done shooting, all firearms will unloaded and placed into your bag or case, on the bench while still being pointed down range.
  19. Pregnant women, or people subject to seizures, are not allowed on the range.
  20. No one under the influence or suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed on the range.
  21. If your firearm malfunctions, please lay it on the bench pointing down range and ask for assistance. Do not remove the firearm from the shooting stall unless specifically instructed to do so by the RSO.
  22. Once you  have read the last rule, tell a Crossfire staff member “God Bless America”.