TacticalWalls introduces furniture to lineup of concealment decor

Keeping with TacticalWalls philosophy of hiding guns in plain sight, the coffee table features a drop drown secret gun compartment. (Photo: TacticalWalls)

Concealment decor maker TacticalWalls steps in a new direction with the introduction of concealment tables, designed to slyly stow pistols and rifles.

The three models — a coffee table, end table and night stand — all feature TacticalWalls hidden, foam-lined gun compartment. When a pre-programmed RFID card is swiped over the units, the secret compartment is unlocked and drops down to allow quick access stored guns.

TacticalWalls’ coffee table stands at 19-inches tall with an overall length of 49-inches and a width of just over 23 inches.  Its interior gun compartment measures just over 37 inches long, 11 3/4 inches wide and 2 inches deep. The table retails for $795.

Both the end table and night stand feature a square design, measuring 25 inches tall with a width of 23 inches. Their compartments interior dimensions sit at 14 inches long, just over 11 inches wide and 2 inches deep. What sets these two models apart is the addition of an exterior storage shelf underneath the hidden compartment on the night table. Both retail for $495.

TacticalWalls built a name for themselves offering a variety of home decor, to include shelves and mirrors, that were equipped with hidden areas to stow guns for easy access.

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Chris Wood said the venture into furniture was the next logical step in evolution for the company.

“The new stand-alone products were a logical next step for us,” Wood said in a statement. “They align with the TacticalWalls’ ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ philosophy while taking the installation component out of the equation for those who prefer less set up than our other offerings. They also feature the same quality craftsmanship on which we’ve built our reputation.”

Customers have several choices when it comes to matching tables to their home decor. The company offers a variety of colors to include Cherry, Dutch Walnut, Early American, Black and natural wood finishes.

The night stand features an extra exterior shelf. (Photo: TacticalWalls)

The End Table can hold smaller guns, such as pistols. (Photo: TacticalWalls)

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